ADxray exposes key data stored at the core of Microsoft Active Directory

EDGEWATER, Md.  – Nov. 15, 2004 – Javelina Software, LLC, today announces ADxray, a powerful troubleshooting and analysis tool that helps to identify the source of network problems by scrutinizing Microsoft Active Directory object attributes. Available today, ADxray provides search ability, attribute value details and descriptions, presents a key interpretation feature that discloses Active Directory (AD) attribute values in comprehensible formats, and provides attribute editing capability.

"Attributes are the essential building blocks of all Active Directory objects", said Dave Martinez, Product Manager, Microsoft Corp. "We are pleased to see Javelina Software provide this kind of troubleshooting tool to Microsoft Active Directory programmers and administrators."

ADxray helps administrators troubleshoot directory problems by providing quick access to those building blocks, via searching and attribute value interpretation features. This information is critical to programmers and scripting administrators who rely on explicit attribute names and values to run vital projects and AD reports. Attribute names and values are typically lengthy and cryptic so ADxray provides options to copy to clipboard and save as CSV file, helping to get attribute information straight from ADxray into scripts and spreadsheets.

ADxray's flexible and extensive search feature aids troubleshooters by providing the ability to search by attribute name, and filter on attribute values. "Using ADxray, I can search the directory by pasting in the GUID from an error message I received, and ADxray identifies the object that's causing my network problem," stated Robert Mackiewicz, network administrator at the world’s foremost provider of independent credit ratings, indices, & equity research. "And, upon finding the object, it displays and interprets the list of that object's AD attribute values, and provides an editing mechanism to further help me solve my problem."

ADxray also provides extensive details about each AD attribute, such as schema name, ldap name, syntax description, syntax ID, and MAPI ID. ADxray goes further to parse the raw data into a readable format, supporting numerous syntax types such as dates, times, GUIDs, SIDs, bit fields and many more.

ADxray brings AD admins one quick step closer to getting the core values of Active Directory into their hands," explains Dave Ritchie, president of Javelina Software. "We proudly listen to the needs of our customers and continue to provide the technical tools they request."

Pricing and Availability

Available immediately, ADxray is priced on a per domain basis beginning at $250 for 1 domain, $400 for 2 domains and $500 for a site license. Additional information about ADxray can be found at: Our flagship product, ADvantage, an award-winning tool to streamline the management of Active Directory through bulk configuration and execution of administrative tasks, is sold to enterprises according to a per administrator pricing model. ADvantage v2.5 is available at $995 per admin copy. Information about ADvantage can be found at .

About Javelina Software

Javelina Software delivers tools to simplify the management of Microsoft Active Directory. ADxray is the newest addition to our line of products for the management of Active Directory. ADvantage is an award-winning product that ensures expedient management of tasks essential to the administration of Active Directory (AD). ADvantage Elements are the task specific tools developed to ease the repetitive nature of administrative tasks. Javelina Software's Migration Toolbox, the leading solution used by Banyan Vines customers who are migrating to Active Directory, shipped in 1999 and seamlessly migrates users, groups, and mailboxes. Migration Toolbox has since facilitated the rollouts of Active Directory implementations all over the world. Javelina Software now provides companies a smooth transition to and efficient administration of their Windows 2000 networks.

For more information about Javelina Software, please visit our website at or contact us at 800.822.5484.



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(Edgewater, MD - 1.31.2005) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced the release of ADtoolkit v3.0. ADtoolkit ensures simplified, expedient management of tasks essential to the administration of Active Directory (AD) and now includes a new set of tools designed to easily move in bulk, users, groups, contacts and computer accounts within Active Directory Organizational Units. In addition ADtoolkit v3.0 includes many customer requested enhancements that expand the capability of the current tools.

“We’re glad to see partners like Javelina Software offering products that further enhance Microsoft Active Directory operations,” said David Martinez, a Technical Product Manager in the Windows Server Division at Microsoft Corp. “ADtoolkit is a first-rate solution for Active Directory administrators who want to save time and money by performing their AD tasks in bulk.”

ADtoolkit’s new move tools will arm Active Directory administrators with the ability to keep up with the changes that occur every day in business. Administrators will not need to spend extra time writing extensive scripts to keep up with these changes.

In addition to the new move tools in ADtoolkit v3.0, there are many enhancements to the current tools that are also customer driven. One of these new features is the ability to copy information from the report output screens and paste it into the other ADtoolkit tools, such as Modify User. For example, by generating a report of a list of soon to expire users, admins can right click to copy the resulting list of user names, and then paste it directly into the grid on the Modify Users tool. Simply set a new expiration date, and run the tool to quickly make changes to the entire list.

“We are constantly improving upon ADtoolkit with time saving methods like this” states David Ritchie, President of Javelina Software, “Our customers tell us that they love the bulk operations ADtoolkit provides and they continue to provide us with feedback to make our product even better.” There are many new features in ADtoolkit v3.0 that enhance its capability to do even more in bulk. ADtoolkit gives busy administrators the tools they need to accomplish their everyday tasks more efficiently.