Updated tools include automated tasks that raise Microsoft Active Directory Administrators productivity to a new level

(Edgewater, MD – 09.27.2007) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced the upgrade of all ADtoolkit Elements from v3.0 to v4.0.ADtoolkit Elements provide the task specific tools necessary for administrators to manage bulk processing of Active Directory (AD).This latest upgrade, based on the award winning ADtoolkit v4.0 engine, contains a host of new features and tools enabling administrators to comply with the growing demands in managing Active Directory.

With the enhanced scheduling and importing, Active Directory administrators can now schedule tools and reports to run at a predefined time in order to keep up with daily employee changes. For example, an HR department might update a file every time a new employee is hired. This data could then be imported by the Add Users tool, which was previously scheduled to run once an hour or once a day. Thus, new user accounts are created automatically and the Active Directory administrator needed only to schedule the process.

The updated Elements also provide greater functionality with the addition of multi domain support, Vista support, Exchange 2007 support, enhanced e-mail support, and tons of new reports, including reports on local admins, locked out users, password expiration dates, logon hours, and much more.

ADtoolkit Elements continue to provide administrators with the specific tools they need to better manage the demanding tasks of Active Directory. David Ritchie, President of Javelina Software states, “We are excited about the impact this new release will have on easing administrator’s workloads in Active Directory and increasing their daily productivity. We love it when our customers tell us that with our product they completed a task in less than an hour that would have taken them weeks.”

New Solution for Microsoft® Active Directory® Administrators Streamlines Tasks and Enables Efficient and Cost Effective Management

ADvantage Elements and ADvantage v2.0 Provide Microsoft® Active Directory® Administrators Flexible Management Options

Task specific tools easily move objects in bulk within Microsoft® Active Directory®

(Edgewater, MD – 12.08.2005) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced ADtoolkit Elements™ v3.0, the task specific tools that facilitate bulk processing of Active Directory® (AD) tasks. ADtoolkit Elements includes major updates to ADreporter, ADusers, ADgroups and ADcontacts. Additionally, specific enhancements were added to the ADtoolkit Elements that were recently released in ADtoolkit v3.0, our award winning solution that ensures expedient management of tasks essential to the administration of Active Directory.

ADtoolkit Elements v3.0 include the ability to move, in bulk, the core objects in Active Directory. Upon upgrading to v3.0, users will easily select and move objects in bulk, such as users, groups, and contacts by selecting a new Organizational Unit.

Additionally, new features have been added to ADreporter. For example, it now provides the ability to report on Nested Members of a group. It also now includes the ability to report on the Deleted Items Folder Size for users with an Exchange mailbox. Administrators can now use ADreporter to send report results to other users via Exchange email. The report outputs have also been enhanced to include copy and paste capabilities.

High compliments come from Jeff Doe, Network Administrator for Faegre and Benson LLP, “Last Logon data is usually the type of information that is hard to get without lengthy steps, but ADreporter now provides a Common Property for it. Now all I have to do is select that common property and run a report to find out last logon information for each DC in the domain.”

In addition to these major upgrades, we’ve made general updates to bring ADtoolkit Elements v3.0 up to date with the features offered in ADtoolkit v3.0. ADtoolkit Elements provide administrators with the task specific tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently. “The new Move tools add more value to the already feature rich and affordable ADtoolkit Elements” states David Ritchie, President.

New Cost Effective Solutions Provide Options For Microsoft® Active Directory® Administrators