Pricing and Availability

ViperGuard v1.0 is available now and is priced on a per-user pricing model. Javelina Software offers ViperGuard at a starting cost of just $2.50 per user, in increments of 100, with high quantity discounts available.

About Javelina Software

Since 1998, Javelina Software has been dedicated to providing network administrators the products they need to make their jobs
easier. ADtoolkit, Javelina Software’s current flagship product, is an award winning collection of tools that simplifies the day-to-day administration of Active Directory (AD). ADsecurity, our most recent product release, expanded our offerings by providing AD administrator’s tools to manage their network security. And now with the addition of ViperGuard, Javelina Software has gone even further to ease the daily burden of the Active Directory administrator. For more information about Javelina Software, please visit our website at or contact us at 800.822.5484.

Rebecca Spain
Marketing Manager
Javelina Software, LLC
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(800) 822-5484