ADvantage v2.5 provides Microsoft® Active Directory® Administrators with 5 new tools to streamline management.

(Edgewater, MD - 6.24.2004) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced the release of ADvantage v2.5. ADvantage, an award-winning product that ensures simplified, expedient management of tasks essential to the administration of Active Directory® (AD) now includes a new set of tools for managing computer accounts in Active Directory, as well as many customer requested enhancements that expand the capability of the current tools. ADvantage tools manage users, groups, contacts, ACLs and now there are five new tools for managing computers.

Unused computer accounts left in AD can pose a security risk as well as cause a cluttered and inefficient directory. To help solve this and other computer accountissues, ADvantage v2.5 provides administrators with five new tools: AddComputer, Modify Computer, Delete Computer, Search and Replace Computer and Computer Reports. One customer explains that managing computers is yet another task on their ever expanding list. “We are very excited about the new version of ADvantage. Now we can run the new computer reports to check the last time a PC connected to the network.” states JR Williams, System-Network Engineering Lead with Uline. “These new tools help us keep Active Directory clean of old computers that should have been removed.”

In addition to the new computer tools in ADvantage v2.5, there are many enhancements to the current tools that are also customer driven. One of these new features in ADvantage v2.5 is the ability to import lists into the very popular reporting tools. Now the reporting tools allow users to import a list of specific objects to report on, instead of reporting on an entire OU or Domain. We’ve also made improvements to the import feature that now allows our customers to import even more AD attributes. “Now our customers can import users email information like their mail stores and specify different OUs for users to be added to during the same bulk execution” states David Ritchie, President of Javelina Software, “being able to do this eliminates many of the additional configurations typically necessary when setting up new users, groups or contacts in Active Directory.” These new features in ADvantage v2.5 make it a comprehensive toolkit, giving busy administrators the professional tools they need to accomplish their everyday tasks more efficiently.

Pricing and Availability

Available now, ADvantage is sold to enterprises according to a per Administrator pricing model, there is no cost for upgrades for our customers with a valid technical support contract. ADvantage v2.5 is available at $995 per admin copy.

About Javelina Software

Javelina Software is dedicated to delivering simplified management of Microsoft Active Directory. ADvantage is an award-winning product that ensures expedient management of tasks essential to the administration of Active Directory® (AD) ADvantage Elements are the newest addition to Javelina Software’s line of management solutions. Javelina Software’s Migration Toolbox, the leading solution used by Banyan Vines customers who are migrating to Active Directory, shipped in 1999 and seamlessly migrates users, groups, and mailboxes. Migration Toolbox has since facilitated the rollouts of Active Directory implementations all over the world. And, Javelina Software’s founding product, HappyMail®, is an e-mail client for Banyan Vines networks. Javelina Software now provides companies a smooth transition to and efficient administration of their Windows 2000 networks.

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