Javelina Software's latest release of ADtoolkit gives Active Directory administrators the ability to easily reset admin passwords on remote workstations and servers

(Edgewater, MD - 4.29.2009) Javelina Software, LLC, today announced the release of version 5.0 of ADtoolkit, a collection of strategic Active Directory (AD) management tools, designed to simplify the daily administration of AD. ADtoolkit v5.0 provides relief for Active Directory Administrators who face the daunting task of keeping administrator account passwords refreshed in a distributed network.

Administrator accounts, which exist on every Microsoft platform since the introduction of Windows NT, are arguably the largest security hole in an Active Directory based network. These privileged accounts provide unlimited access to their host machines and cracking just one of these passwords can often provide access to the entire network. Before ADtoolkit v5.0, administrators were forced to manually change administrator passwords on a regular basis, which is too time-consuming to be practical. And while some automated tools exist for this task, they can be prohibitively expensive.

Javelina Software credits the release of ADtoolkit V to their customers who actively provide feedback. “One of the hot buttons for all our customers is security, so we have added the ability to manage local admin passwords at a price that administrators can embrace in today’s economy,” says Dave Ritchie, President of Javelina Software.

This latest version of ADtoolkit addresses this issue with a new, easy-to-use tool, which can reset the administrator password on any and all local systems throughout your AD network. And, like all other ADtoolkit tools, this task can be scheduled to reoccur on a regular basis. With ADtoolkit V, you can take a thousand plus machines on your network, choose a password (or use random passwords), click a button, and the task is done. And, one of the largest security holes in your network has been plugged.

ADtoolkit V is full of new features, one of which is the added support for WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) for reporting on local machine information. With the addition of WMI, AD administrators can now access more information about the internal state of their computer systems, such as BIOS settings, processor info, and service pack IDs.

Pricing and Availability

Available now, ADtoolkit is sold to enterprises using a per Administrator pricing model. This version is a no cost upgrade for all customers with a valid technical support contract. ADtoolkit V is available at $1295 per admin copy. Volume discounts apply.

About Javelina Software

Since 1998, Javelina Software has been dedicated to providing network administrators with the products they need to make their jobs easier. ADtoolkit, Javelina Software’s current flagship product, is an award winning collection of tools that simplifies the day-to-day administration of Active Directory (AD). Javelina Software’s most recent product releases include ADsecurity and ViperGuard. With ADsecurity, Javelina Software now provides AD administrator’s tools to manage their network security. And with ViperGuard, Javelina has gone a step further to ease the daily burden of the Active Directory administrator with a tool that directly addresses the number one help desk ticket: password resets.

For more information about Javelina Software, please visit www.javelinasoftware.com or to contact by phone dial 1.800.397.5484.



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