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Easily Export Active Directory Data!

ADreporter™ enables users to harvest raw Active Directory data into reports that make sense. It provides hundreds of built in reports, with access to over a thousand different attributes for all the major Active Directory objects: Users, Groups, Contacts, and Computers. You can even export Active Directory information for printers, OUs, and shares! ADreporter supports many common filetypes, so you can import your exported data into your program of choice, like Microsoft Excel.

Whether you need to capture user attributes, group membership and member details, or even address information for your vital business contacts, ADreporter can handle it all with ease. Complete the form to take ADreporter for a spin and see for yourself!

Key Features:

  • Capture data from AD, Office 365, Exchange, WMI, and Remote Registry
  • Hundreds of standard reports included
  • Create customized reports without scripting
  • Schedule reports to run at your convenience
  • Filter reports to show only the information you need
  • Export reports in common formats, like CSV and PDF